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Who will you be working with?

As a child I was bossy...

As a child I was called bossy.  Little did I know that this quality would turn into being my greatest asset – after all, don’t bossy little girls turn into great leaders and the type of people that just get stuff done?


I have spent over 20 years in a corporate environment, helping large global companies with strategy, project management, process efficiencies and implementation planning. I have also spent some of that time assisting start-up companies getting off the ground and growing against their goals and objectives for their first year. I have worked across a variety of different industries including media, law, finance (retail and investment banking), healthcare and insurance. 

I have also run my own app development company creating health and fitness apps and have more recently built a team of over 200 people globally in a direct distribution style business  within the first year. During a pandemic. Whilst working full time.

I have been lucky enough to live all over the world and have created a fantastic network of strong empowered women that support and champion each other. I am a huge believer that we are stronger when we stand together and collaboration beats competition every time.

Who am I...


So WHO do I help?

Who I work with...

Women just like you! 


You are a busy female professional. 

You are good at your job, but you work incredibly long hours, you realise that this isn’t sustainable for the long term and crave a better work life balance.


Something has to give. 


You have wanted to do more things for you but don’t see how you can ever leave your full time job and/or salary? 

Maybe you have an idea for a business and don’t know where to start. 

Maybe you have just started out on your entrepreneurial journey and need some advice but with every single person niching down you don’t have the time to spend briefing a marketing manager, a branding consultant, a social media guru and a virtual assistant – you just want someone to help you get clear on your goals and create a plan of action and get sh*t done!


This is where I can help.

I know what it's like to transition from a full time corporate career to living the life that you want and deserve. I help hundreds of people take control of their working lives in pursuit of a more fulfilled, happy life and I can help you too.

Who am I
What I do

What I do..

Who I work with

I can help you if you are...

  • Dealing with overwhelm of starting your own business

  • Looking to manage your time and business spend more effectively - time management/outsourcing

  • Wanting to understand the value in each tasks for a higher return on investment

  • Needing someone to be accountable to and encourage you to just get things done

  • Stuck with process mapping and need help understanding the customer journey and user experience

  • Having blocks with your mindset and need to know how to think like a female entrepreneur

What people say
behind my back...

“Lucy is one of the nicest people to work with, she has a very down to earth approach, she’s super knowledgeable in her field and she always makes me laugh. Having support is very important to me and Lucy is always there if I need advice or an honest opinion and she’s always happy to help me and go above and beyond. ” 

Jean Dayton, Conscious Mumma 


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